Provision Of Employee Safety
28 Nisan 2018


Employee rights and safety workflow are defined within the framework of legislation.

• General Directorate of Health Services dated 14.05.2012; Circular on Ensuring Employee Safety (,90/calisan-guvenligi-genelgesi.html)

•Regulation No. 28730 dated 06.08.2013 regarding the provision of patient and employee safety;


• Regulation on the Procedures and Principles of Legal Aid Due to Crimes Against the Personnel of the Ministry of Health No 28277 of 28.04.2012


• Guidelines for Healthy Future with Job Security Services Together on 25.11.2014


• Law No. 6331 on Occupational Health and Safety


• Turkey Public Hospitals Authority, Vice President of Hospital Services; Patient, Employee Rights and Security Department:

• Dated 31/05/2012 and B.10.1 on the establishment of the Workers' Rights and Security Units. TKH. / 13394. (,202/calisan-haklari-ve-guvenligi-birimleri.html)
• The Workers' Rights and Security Units workflow procedure dated 27/07/2012 and B.10.1. TKH. / 622/850. (,113-beyaz-kod.pdf?0)

• Istanbul Provincial Health Directorate has been distributed to the District Health Directorates for the delivery of the Employee Rights and Safety Unit to the health facilities; workers' rights and safety in health facilities Supporting the workflow of the Units The regulation dated 14/09/2012 and B.10.4.ISM. / 433.04 / 226779.