Dispatch Operations

Only the following transactions referred to our institution should SUT  2.4.1.B-1  are made under Article.

2.4.1 - dental treatment 
(1) during the dental treatment; gold, platinum, palladium + platinum, platinum irrudy I +, precious metals such as iropal argenco 23 bego EWL gold and precious metals polliag-M values of the substances in the composition is not paid.

(2) the cost of implants in bone is not paid. But; 
a) Maxillofacial trauma, cysts and develops at the tumor, maxillary and in cases where the mandibular excessive loss of tissue, bone,  
b) upper and lower jaw in one side at the free finite dişsizlik case 
c) Congenital missing teeth in the cases 
d) cleft lip and palate and so on. due to birth defects, and in cases where the teeth of the respective bone tissue defect,
patients with known routine prosthetic dental treatment methods and that it is essential the implant can not be treated, university surgery from dental school, prosthetics and periodontology moment will be formed with the participation of at least one faculty member from the department of health to be decided by the board, the radiographic examination supports the decision of the medical board report to be included in the appendix and may be achieved only with the mention how many implant; for each jaw up to 4 SUT in Annex-2 / O in the list "endosseous implant" and a handling fee 90 for each implant (ninety) TL  
(Additional expression: RG-25/7 / 2014-29071) , No. 3713 monthly connected disabled by, 5434 Turkey Republic Retirement Fund Law of Article 56 or 2330 Law No. article 2 of the first paragraph (e) and (f) and those that bind months due to events which fall No. 3713 scopes mentioned in paragraphs No. 3713 even to the extent not incurred and movement to help someone else will not need to live without the support of war veterans and the degree of disability and the duty for each implant more than 700 (seven hundred) out per  billable.

(3) Mobile and fixed prostheses renewal period of four years. Replacement costs not paid by the Institution renewed before this time. However, in a traffic accident caused by oral and maxillofacial trauma is not taken into account this time. 

(4)  (Amended: OG-1/8 / 2013-28725)expenses related to orthodontic dental treatment of persons 18 years of age will not be paid by the Institution. However, the person has attained the age of 18 orthodontic dental treatment began before the effective date of the general health insurance provisions of Law No. 5510 and continues to be met if the said treatment costs. Class I, II, III and orthodontic treatment given in orthognathic surgery; The SUT in Annex-2 I / O List "7.1 orthodontic treatment procedures based on the diagnosis" section of the Corporation are covered by the procedures set out codes. Institutions pay the cost of orthodontic treatment; "Initial phase (making the patient's orthodontic treatment planning, Proceed with the administration of the treatment and mechanical) "treatment step (applied that begin receiving the results planned after mechanical or a specific step to arrive)" and "reinforcement phase (completion of treatment)" to be performed in three stages. The name of the operation cost if the display for each stage of completion of said step and documenting 1/3 is paid. "Start phase" and "treatment phase" of at least six months, "treatment phase" and "reinforcement phase" must be present in at least 4 months. 

2.4.1. to - Authority contracted with / dental treatment protocols are to be made in the public health institutions 
(1) The Authority contracted with / protocols of the payment of the cost of dental treatment carried out in the public health institutions and the SUT in Annex-2 I / O List will be applied. there shall be cast in prosthetic treatment and labor costs. Prosthetic charge to all kinds of materials, molding and labor costs are necessary to provide health institutions or organizations is included in the invoice amount if it is provided by the patients will be deducted from the health institution or organization paying patients. These operations are included in the list, additional foundations SUT by dental faculties of the universities, except universities EK-2 I / O billed by the addition of 10% of the points in the list. This rate SUT in Annex-2 I / O in the list "7.1 orthodontic treatment procedures based on the diagnosis" in the section entitled applied as 20% in the orthodontic treatment process.

2.4.1.B - Corporate contracted / non-protocol medical institutions and organizations to be made in dental treatment (Amended: OG-25/7 / 2014-29071)

(1) of 5510 Act 60 / C-1, 60 / C-3 or 60 / c-9 private health care providers with oral and dental health services in Dry with contractual non-governmental health service providers dental unit mentioned other persons in the context of our Agency except for the people in sub-paragraphs shall be made as follows. 

2.4.1.B-1 dental practice principles
(1) of persons in scope with the exception of 40%, and on people with disabilities private health service providers with Dry with contract unofficial health services made in the dental unit in the server oral and dental treatment related to health (except orthodontics) not paid by the Authority.

(2) Over 40% of persons with disabilities and special health care providers can be paid for their dental treatment done in the dental unit in Dry unofficial contract with health care providers, disability status must be documented. These patients; Ministry of Health due to oral and dental health centers (ADSM), oral and dental health hospitals, dental and oral health education and research hospital or university of dentistry faculties by three dentists into arranging medical board report, no agreement with Dry with private health care providers official their health care providers can apply to dental unit. The health committee report, should be clearly indicated for the treatment of oral and dental health to do. 
(Additional expression: OG-1/10 / 2014-29136)Oral and Dental examination in patients that should be noted in this case, the medical board report. From the date of issue of the health committee report (Amended expression: OG-1/10 / 2014-29136) 10 business days  (including the day of receipt of the report) should be initiated therapy within. 

(Amended: OG-1/10 / 2014-29136)) Particularly mental disabilities, including communication not be established or detection difficulties experienced by people with disabilities dental treatment, can not be achieved under limited anesthesia and if necessary intervene under general anesthesia or sedo-analgesia for the payment of general anesthesia or sedo-analgesia price; treatment of anesthesiology and reanimation specialist physicians can be applied under the responsibility of surgery under general anesthesia, the minimum unit with medical supplies and intervene where general anesthesia drugs that health care providers must be certified to do that. 

(4) dated 01.14.2012 and published in the Official Gazette No. 28 173 "Criteria for Disability, and Health Regulation on the Classification Board Reports to be given to the disabled" arranged in accordance with the provisions of the report is added to a sample of invoices.

(Amended: OG-1/10 / 2014-29136) orthodontic treatment need of patients; Ministry of Health due to oral and dental health centers (ADSM), oral and dental health hospitals, dental and oral health education and research hospital or university of dentistry faculties by three dentists into arranging medical board report, no agreement with Dry with private health care providers official their health care providers can apply to dental unit. Health aesthetic treatments in the committee report and the absence of clearly specified type of malocclusion. From the date of the medical board report must be commenced within 6 months of treatment.

(6) After the private health service providers with no contract with Dry official health service to that of servers made by dental treatments, SUT in Annex-2 / D-2 located in the List "Dental Treatment Control Form" and / or SUT attachment in orthodontic treatment EK-2 I / O -3 located in the List "diagnosis Based Orthodontic treatment Control Form" section protocol with the dental unit that carried out the treatment in the public health service in the server it must be approved by officials dentist. 

2.4.1.B-2- Dental treatment payment transactions
(1) private health service providers with Dry with contractual non-governmental health service providers from 40% and above granted to disabled patients in dental and oral health fees for services SUT in Annex-2 I / O in List receiving condition, the SUT in Annex-2 I / O is payable on the list.

(2) private health service providers with the cost of orthodontic treatment applied in dry unofficial contracts with health care providers 2.4.1 Shot dental unit (4) shall be paid in accordance with paragraph. 

(3) the payment; SUT and in Annex-2 I / O time to comply with the relevant provisions in the list and pieces. 

(4) Special health services with no contracts with Dry servers with formal health care providers given to the 40 and over with disabilities% of patients in the dental unit dental and oral health, including materials for prosthetic treatment applied within the service breakdown and labor costs are not paid. 

(5) The payment of the invoice for orthodontic treatment applied to people SUT in Annex-2 I / O-3 is done in three stages through the form located in the list. The cost of treatment when each stage is completed third is paid. 

2.4.1.B-3- Other provisions
(1) Patients in the medical board report prepared for the Authority that the applicant contracted oral and dental health services to the healthcare that of servers by oral and dental health treatment and / or the physician who signed the health board report prepared for orthodontic treatment itself, a special of the first-degree relatives or their partners muayenehanelerin ACE / private health care as that of servers are incurable. In this way, with the approval of health board and the physician providing treatment is the same or expenses for the treatment being carried out by spouses or partners are not paid.

(2) SUT in Annex-2 I / O List (*) in the same list marked with the treatments "7.1 orthodontic treatment procedures based on the diagnosis" can be met for the section titled expenses for the located treatment, the subject's treatment specialist or doctorate degree must be documented by dentists.